Individuals reporting bicycle riding hazards and maintenance issues directly to Council is an important way to raise issues and advocate for prompt actions by Council.

Follow these easy steps to report issues. Email if you need help. 

  1. Report the issue directly to Council
  • For urgent safety issues, such as fallen trees, damaged pavements, or other hazards that could cause an accident contact the relevant council by phone (these numbers are also for after-hours calls).     
    • Shellharbour City Council on 42216111. 
    • Wollongong City Council on 42277111
  • For non-urgent issues such as vegetation maintenance, path cleaning or safety improvements email the requests to the council. Include as much information as possible (issue, location, etc) and a photo if possible. 
    • Shellharbour Council 
    • Wollongong Council
  • You can also use the Council’s website or an app such as SeeClickFix to report issues from your phone without needing to know which council is responsible or the actual name of the location you are reporting. 
  1. Send a copy to
    • Include as much information as possible (issue, location, etc) and a photo if possible. 
    • Please advise if someone was injured in association with the issue raised with Council 
    • Please also send us copies of responses from Councils including council reference numbers. 

What iBUG does to help

When we receive a copy of an issue reported to Shellharbour or Wollongong Council we help by:

  •  Looking at the information to understand if we should add information, photos, and references to guidelines to give the Council a better understanding of the request informing iBUG members of any safety issues we are aware of, such as trees blocking paths, to allow members to take care or plan alternate routes.
  • Contacting the General Manager for an update a few weeks after the event was raised, as necessary.
  • Tracking the issues and Council responses.
  • When there are recurring issues, such as Cringila station shared path overgrown vegetation, we escalate to Councillors.