Wollongong and Shellharbour Local Government Areas (LGAs) are places where everyone is able to safely ride a bike on roads, shared paths and separated paths for transport, recreation, wellbeing and social connection.


The Illawarra Bicycle Users Group advocate for cycling to be the most attractive and inclusive mode of transport for everyone and actively help to better cycling and increase participation in cycling in the Wollongong and Shellharbour Local Government Areas by holding Councils and New South Wales Government accountable to their strategies and policies and best practice and through collaboration with others who are committed to an equitable, accessible and sustainable transport system. 

Strategic Plan

Read more in our Strategic Plan and Work Plan

Current Committee

The current Committee was elected at the July 2022 Annual General Meeting.

The Committee includes four elected officers and three elected ordinary members.

Committee Officers

  • Beth Robrahn – President
  • Juliana Peloche – Vice President
  • Elena Martinez – Secretary
  • Dave Hines – Treasurer

Committee Ordinary Members

  • Rhonda Hunt
  • Ross Dearden
  • Werner Steyer