New paths proposed at: Reserve st, Gilmore st, Bourke st, Virginia St

Submissions Due: 08/11/2023

What is proposed:
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The proposed routes are great and will encourage healthy active transport, as well as reducing traffic and parking issues around North Wollongong beach. It will extend the cycling network, providing a link for cyclists commuting to North Wollongong Station, the beach, students to Edmund Rice, and generally for residents in the suburbs it reaches.


Reserve and Gilmore St:

  1. Please add a pedestrian/cyclist island/refuge to assist crossing for Robsons Rd for safety. Especially with surprise traffic coming out of Parsons St

  2. Sharp corners to cross the roads at Gilmore – could the ramp be widened sufficiently

  3. Minimise “dogleg” path at the corner of Gilmore and Reserve

  4. Include signage for wayfinding, especially on Robsons rd

  5. Dismount at bridge is suboptimal. Is “Give Way to Pedestrians” possible? Preferably have a long term goal to fix the width

  6. If possible, move the Gilmore crossing up to number 6 to avoid tree removal.

  7. Consider cyclists heading north on Gilmore st – how can they join the bike path? Perhaps a ramp at the corner, or provide sufficient width between the gutter and Concrete Blister for cyclists to get to the refuge and cross safely:

Suggested additional route, alternative to Bourke/Virginia st proposed path

Our members would overwhelmingly prefer the frequently proposed back route along Ajax road, requiring a new pedestrian/cycling bridge crossing Fairy Creek to Virginia St. This would avoid Bourke st entirely, and connect folks east-west. It would be faster, less opposition, less stopping, cheaper, quieter than proposed.

There was a bridge here to cross Fairy Creek to Stuart Park decades ago!

Bourke St:

  1. Cyclists having to cross four roads (Keira to Ocean st) in the space of 312m, 3 without priority or refuges, is going to be very slow and tedious – especially uphill. Cyclists might stay on the road or north side footpaths. Pedestrian islands/refuges would assist this a lot. Or removing entry and or exit from Park st and Ocean st – 2 unreasonably excessive choices for drivers. There would remain 3 driver route options (Keira, church, Corrimal)

  2. Cars will be stopping in the middle of the shared path on the street crossings, waiting to turn onto Bourke St. The path should be clear and continuous, preferencing active transport when crossing non-arterial roads. Keira being an arterial road with traffic lights is reasonable to wait for.


Virginia St:

  1. Corners are sharp to cross the road – I understand it’s good for slowing, but still difficult to navigate. Could the ramps at least be widened to assist the turn

  2. Include signage for wayfinding

  3. Some cyclists do come up George Hanley Dr, and this is an opportunity for them to join the separated cycle way. Consider leaving space between the gutter and Concrete Blister for cyclists to enter:

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